Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies

Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013


Code of Governmental Ethics




All employees of SSD are governed by the Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics. Employees shall not accept gifts, fees, extra remuneration, or honoraria for performing any service relative to duties expected of them in the School, except as specifically permitted by, and in compliance with the requirements of, the Code of Governmental Ethics. Care must be exercised not to engage in any activity, either privately or officially, in which a conflict of interest may exist.


The following is a brief summary of some of the key provisions.  For the official text of the provisions please refer to the Code at La. R.S. 42:1101 et seq.


  1. (a)    Payments to public servants from nonpublic sources for services
  2. (b)   Participation by public servants, immediate family, and other persons in certain transactions involving the governmental entity
  3. (c)    Financial disclosure
  4. (d)   Gifts
  5. (e)   Abuse of office
  6. (f)     Illegal payments
  7. (g)    Influencing action by the legislature or governing authority
  8. (h)   Nepotism
  9. (i)      Assistance to certain persons after termination of public service for a period of two years
  10. (j)     Continuation in certain pension and other plans by public servants, and exceptions
    (k)  Contracts or transactions with the governmental entity


For further information concerning these provisions, please visit the Louisiana Ethics Administration Program’s website at www.ethics.la.gov. The website provides helpful information on the provisions of the Code, and contact information to obtain more specific information from staff at the Louisiana Ethics Administration Program. A copy of the Code of Governmental Ethics is available in the Human Resources Office.





REFERENCE:     State of Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics