Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies

Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013


Dress and Grooming





This policy applies to all SSD employees.




It is the responsibility of all employees, including students and temporary assigned staff, to dress appropriately and professionally while on duty.



Dress should always be suitable for the type of work to be performed. Division Directors of areas with particular safety or other concerns, such as in maintenance or food service, may require more specific dress and grooming standards.


If uniforms, including smocks, are issued, they are to be worn at all times while the employee is working.  




Exceptions may be made for medical situations for the duration of the medical condition provided medical documentation is available. Requests for medical exceptions should be submitted to the Human Resources Office.


The School or Division Director, or Regional Coordinator may make exceptions in the case of a temporary work assignment such as moving, purging files, etc.


Employees who fail to comply with the proper dress code may be sent to change into appropriate dress. Repeated occurrences may result in disciplinary or other corrective action.