Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies
Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013

Employee Expectations

The first impression a person gives is often a lasting one. As public employees, it is most important that SSD staff convey a positive image. Our primary purpose is to serve our students and the public, and prompt, efficient, and courteous service is always expected. All students, staff, and visitors must be treated courteously and in a dignified manner.

SSD has implemented policies addressing specific employee conduct; however, it is impossible to list every example of conduct that is unacceptable and may lead to disciplinary or other corrective action, or termination. SSD employees may face disciplinary or other corrective action, or termination, for conduct which impairs our duty to educate our students is a safe and supportive environment. All employees are expected to exercise good judgment and common sense at all times, in order to avoid such conduct.

The following is an illustrative, but not exhaustive, list of examples of unacceptable conduct.

  1. Failure to comply with policies and procedures
  2. Abuse or neglect of students, including verbal abuse, including but not limited to profane, demeaning, or insulting language or failure to treat students with courtesy and respect
  3. Failure to report actual or suspected abuse or neglect of students
  4. Fraternization with students receiving services from SSD, including seeing active students off campus and becoming personally involved with or paying undue attention to any student
  5. Unauthorized release of information acquired through employment
  6. Disregard of appropriate staff/student relations, including the responsibility for the health, safety and well being of all students, whether or not the student is in your charge, and the failure to act or respond in contingency/emergency situations
  7. Making personal calls for students without approval
  8. Any authorized business transaction with SSD students, including but not limited to lending, borrowing, selling, buying, trading, giving, receiving, or taking any item or gift, with or without permission of the supervisor
  9. Failure to follow school policy on handling student money
  10. Failure to report convictions, or pleas of guilty or nolo contendre, of crimes listed in La. R.S. 15:587.1
  11. Sleeping while on duty or in work areas, including dorm rooms
  12. Leaving work station or area without legitimate reason, except in extreme emergency or with permission of the supervisor
  13. On campus use or possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon, or failure to report knowledge of the possession of such weapons on campus by another individual
  14. Engaging in violence in the workplace such as fighting, harassing, attempting to injure or intimidate another person, creating a hostile work environment; willfully destroying school property or the property of others
  15. Creating a disturbance in the workplace that will interrupt the smooth operation of the school
  16. Illegal use or possession of drugs
  17. Use of liquor at work, coming to work under the influence of liquor, or being away from work because of intoxication
  18. Careless disregard for generally accepted behavioral and ethical standards that impair effective accomplishment of assigned role and responsibilities
  19. Dishonesty – lying to supervisory personnel; falsification of employment application or any other SSD document; providing false information
  20. Failure to participate, cooperate, or provide truthful information in an investigation
  21. Insubordination
  22. Unsatisfactory work performance – either deliberate or due to incapability
  23. Lack of proper interest in one’s work; being distracted from one’s work during work hours
  24. Unauthorized removal or willful destruction of property belonging to the school, students, other employees, or guests
  25. Signing timesheet for another employee
  26. Use of tobacco on campus
  27. Failure to report driving violations, including speeding tickets, as required in the state’s Drivers Safety Program
  28. Visiting employees who are on-duty during off-duty hours without special approval
  29. Having visitors while on duty or giving visitors access to campus, without going through security or sign-in procedures
  30. Secondary employment, unless cleared through the proper authority
  31. Excessive personal phone calls–outgoing or incoming–except in emergencies
  32. Excessive unexcused absences or habitual tardiness; failure to report absence or tardiness to the supervisor by the scheduled work time or shortly thereafter
  33. Failure to secure annual leave approval in advance, except in an extreme emergency that did not allow for prior approval
  34. Bringing your own children to work
  35. Bringing animals of any type (cat, dog, rabbit, turtle, bird, etc.) at any time for any reason, unless specifically approved by the School Director for a school project or program
  36. Unauthorized duplication of keys
  37. Profanity
  38. Lack of courtesy to students, guests, or other employees
  39. Spreading malicious rumors or gossip
  40. Failure to maintain current address and phone number with the Human Resources Office, and the immediate supervisor or School or Division Director
  41. Failure to provide the Human Resources Office your correct name and social security number