Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies
Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013

End of Employment


This policy applies to employees of LSS. SSP employees will follow Department of Education policy.


The exit interview is one of the best tools an agency has to gain insight into its operations and to improve employee policies and recruitment.  The exit process applies to an employee who leaves employment at LSS, no matter the reason.   Exceptions should be made only in extreme circumstances (e.g., the employee is on extended sick leave or the employee is a security threat). 

The exit process allows the school to:



Employees are responsible for giving reasonable notice to their supervisors before they resign or retire. For most employees, at least two weeks’ notice is expected; for teachers, notice is expected in early Spring; for administrators, at least a month’s notice is expected. Employees are responsible for completing the Employee Section of the Exit Interview Form and submitting it to the supervisor, and for setting an appointment with Human Resources to complete necessary paperwork.

Written resignations are expected, and preferred, but oral resignations will be accepted. An oral resignation must be documented by the person receiving it. A resignation is effective on the date and time specified by the employee, or if the employee does not specify, at the end of the employee’s workday on the day it is received. 

Supervisors are responsible for notifying Human Resources of a resignation/retirement, as soon as possible. Supervisors are responsible for completing the Exit Interview Form, and the Supervisor’s Clearance Statement, and forwarding them to Human Resources. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the employee returns all state property and completes and submits all records, including payroll records, before the last day of employment. Supervisors are responsible for notifying the Technology staff of the departure, and the date the employee’s network or other access should end. Failure to notify Human Resources or Technology of an employee’s leaving may result in overpayment or unauthorized access, and may subject the supervisor to disciplinary or other corrective action.