Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies

Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013


Fund-Raising, Soliciting, and Public Posting





This policy applies to all SSD employees.




All fund-raising activities on behalf of SSD schools or student groups will be coordinated through the School Director. Fund-raising activities should never interrupt instructional time, and should not unreasonably interfere with the workday.


Fund-raising or solicitation for other schools (such as schools employees’ children attend), other groups (such as churches, sports teams, or other philanthropic groups), or for other personal interest (such as selling cosmetics or handmade items), is not permitted during work time, or using SSD services, equipment, or materials, including email and copy machines.


Public Posting


Established break areas at LSDVI and LSEC may have a board or other designated space for posting non-work related materials, including fund-raisers or other solicitation. The Regional Coordinators will work with SSP facilities to determine where such boards may be available at SSP facilities, if allowed by the SSP facility. Non-work related materials may only be posted in the designated areas. All postings will adhere to the following:



These posting areas are for the benefit of employees, and should not be in places where they would be likely to interfere with work, or in areas where students are likely to be.