Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies
Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013

Mandatory Supervisory Training

This policy implements a Civil Service Rule, applicable to all state employees in certain supervisory jobs. SSP employees who are required to take supervisory training, or who wish to take supervisory training, should schedule the training through the Department of Education’s Human Resources Office. 
It is the policy of SSD to comply with mandatory training requirements established by the Civil Service Commission. These requirements are only binding on employees in certain supervisory, managerial, or administrative positions; however, other employees interested in supervisory training, may ask to participate in the training, through the regular CPTP request process. SSD may require employees to take training that is not required for the employee’s current position, for the benefit of SSD.
Human Resources, through the Human Resources Director or Administrator or CPTP/Training Coordinator, is responsible for ensuring that all employees in positions with supervisory training requirements are aware of the mandatory training requirements, including deadlines, and for assisting the employees in signing up for the required classes. Human Resources will report employees who have failed to meet the requirements to the SSD Superintendent and the employee’s School or Division Director.
SSD will provide time for employees to meet their training requirements. Employees are responsible for scheduling classes with minimal interruption to student services, and as early as reasonably possible. It may be preferable to schedule classes during the summer or school holidays, to maximize staff on campus when students are here to be served. Waiting to schedule many classes near the employee’s deadline may result in the employee not being able to schedule required classes, and will likely show that the employee is not able to manage the level of responsibilities of the new position. Employees are responsible for attending the training for which they are scheduled and for making reasonable notification prior to the training date to the Department’s CPTP Coordinator when scheduled training must be canceled. When at all possible, cancellation notice shall be rendered at least five (5) working days prior to the training date to allow sufficient time for substitutions to be made.
Mandatory training should be included in an employee’s PES. Employees who fail to meet the required training within the specified period of time may be disciplined or removed in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Civil Service Rules.