Special School District (SSD)                                                                       Employee Policies
Louisiana Special Schools                                                                Effective Date: 8/12/2013

Pay Not Governed By Statute



This policy applies to all LSS employees whose pay is not governed by state statute.

Classified Employees

All means of compensation given to classified employees, including but not limited to initial salary, salary increases based on promotion or performance, and optional pay adjustments, is governed by Civil Service Rules. SSD may adopt policies to aid in the implementation of Civil Service Rules, and those policies will be posted and available in the same manner as other employee policies. Employee policies are always available through the Human Resources Office.

Demotion of Classified Employees

When a classified employee takes a voluntary demotion, the SSD Superintendent may allow the employee to retain the current pay, without taking the otherwise required pay cut. The hiring School or Division must make a written recommendation to the SSD Superintendent, stating why it is in SSD’s best interest to allow this. In an employee who was not required to take a pay cut for a voluntary demotion is promoted within six months, any regular promotion pay increase will be reduced by the percentage that would have been decreased upon demotion.

For example, an employee who holds a position at AS-615 and demotes to a position at AS-614 would normally take a 7% decrease in pay. An employee who holds a position at AS-614 and promotes to a position at AS-617 would normally receive a 14% pay increase. If an employee demotes from AS-615 to AS-614 and does not take a pay cut on demotion and then, within 6 months promotes to AS-617, the employee will only receive a 7% pay increase.

Other Employees

Pay for other employees will be determined by the SSD Superintendent, considering the position and the experience the employee brings to it.

In the interest of attracting and retaining the best employees to serve our students, the SSD Superintendent may grant additional pay, as part of base salary or as a stipend, to attract or retain the most valuable employees. In each case, the reasons for the additional pay must be documented.

The appointing authority may establish pay scales for unclassified positions with a number of employees sufficient to justify the need for a uniform rate of pay. Those pay scales will be posted and available in the same manner as other employment policies, and will always be available from the Human Resources Office.

Performance Adjustments

SSD may provide performance adjustments, when budget allows. Only employees whose evaluation is in the top two tiers of the rating system are eligible for performance adjustments. Employees who are not rated will be treated as being rated satisfactorily, for the purpose of receiving a performance adjustment. Employees who receive the required performance rating are not automatically eligible for a performance adjustment, and a performance adjustment may be withheld from an employee whose performance rating meets the requirements of this policy, based on justification provided by the supervisor and approved by the SSD Superintendent.