Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies

Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013


Pay for Teachers, Administrators, and Other Certified Personnel




Establishing Initial Pay Under This Policy


Academic Improvement Specialists, Audiologists, Counselors, Educational Diagnosticians, Instructors, IEP Facilitators, Librarians, School Psychologists, Social Workers, and Speech Therapists



The minimum annual salary for these certified employees is $53,144.



The minimum annual salary for these certified employees is $43,536.


New certified employees will be hired at the minimum base rate plus .5% for each year of experience, 2% for Master’s Degree, and 2% for a Doctorate degree, for a maximum of 4% for advanced degrees. To receive credit for Louisiana public school teaching experience in or after the 2012-2013 school year, a new employee must have documentation of a COMPASS evaluation of Effective: Proficient or Highly Effective. Each degree must be in a field related to the employee’s position. For example, the subject area taught for teachers, the fields of education or administration for administrators. 


Teaching experience will be credited in accordance with current law.


All relevant experience may be considered. For example, a newly certified cosmetology teacher who has no teaching experience may be credited for experience as a cosmetologist.


Additional amounts for National Board Certification, as provided by law and as funds allow, and PIP, will be paid as stipends.


Administrators and Other Professionals Not Listed


Salaries for new administrators and other certified professionals not listed will be determined by the SSD Superintendent, considering the position and the experience the employee brings.


In the interest of attracting and retaining the best employees to serve our students, the SSD Superintendent may grant additional pay, as part of base salary or as a stipend, to attract or retain the most valuable employees. In each case, the reasons for the additional pay must be documented. This may include teachers who are considering leaving another district and who are making a higher salary in the current district, based on effective performance.


Salaries upon promotion will be determined by the SSD Superintendent.


Current employees will continue to be paid their current base salary.


Salaries will be recalculated only when they change; they will not automatically be recalculated each year.




Day-by-Day Substitutes are compensated on an hourly basis as follows:

                Teacher-High School Diploma     $11.00/hour

                Teacher-College Degree             $12.00/hour

                Teacher-Certificated                   $13.00/hour


The following rates may apply after ten continuous days of substituting, beginning on the eleventh day. If there is a break in service of at least one full day, the next ten consecutive days must be repeated at the lower rate of pay. Holidays or other school closures will not count as breaks in service.

                Teacher-College Degree              $14.29/hour

                Teacher-Provisionally Certified     $17.86/hour

                Teacher-Certified                         $21.43/hour


When a substitute agrees to serve for an extended period, such as to fill in for an employee on sabbatical or extended sick leave, the higher rate of pay will begin on the first day.


HI and VI Certification


In accordance with La. R.S. 17:427, as an incentive to attract and retain teachers and administrators certified in hard to fill areas, teachers and administrators may receive 10% of their base pay, as follows:



Factors to Determine Pay Increases


After the initial salary is established, pay increases for teachers, administrators, and other certified school personnel shall be based on (1) effectiveness, as determined by performance evaluations, (2) demand, which may include area of certification, particular school needs, geographic area, subject area, and/or advanced degree levels, and (3) experience. No one criterion will account for more than fifty percent of the formula. 


The SSD Superintendent will determine the relevant demand factors for each school or program, and will determine the value for each factor, annually or as needed. The factors include the following, and may be adjusted as the demand changes.


                                                                        Experience               Demand—Not to exceed 50% of increase

                                                                                                Advanced Related Degree           Dual Certification (SSP)     Certification in high need subject area (LSS)              

                        Highly Effective (4)                         2%                               .5%                                                      .5%                                          .5%

                        Effective Proficient            (3)      1%                               .5%                                                      .5%                                          .5%


Effective of an “Ineffective” Evaluation Rating


Employees who are rated “ineffective” may not receive a higher salary in the following year.


Stipend/Base Salary


Unless specifically provided, pay increases earned pursuant to this policy will be paid as stipends. Stipends are established as recurring payments, distributed among the regular bi-weekly paychecks. An employee who leaves during the year will forfeit any amount that has not been paid by the final paycheck.


When an employee has been rated Highly Effective or Effective Proficient for three consecutive years, the third year’s pay increase will be added to the employee’s base salary, and annual increases earned under this policy will continue to be added to the base salary as long as the employee continues to be rated Highly Effective or Effective Proficient.


Limitation on Reduction in Salary


An employee’s annual salary may not be reduced below the previous year’s annual salary, and it shall not be reduced at any time during a school year, except:




This policy does not apply to employees in the classified service, who are governed by Civil Service Rules.


Pay increases will be granted only when the budget permits. When the budget permits only partial pay increases, the SSD Superintendent will determine how to distribute the pay increases in a manner designed to motivate and reward our employees to continue their efforts to improve student learning. Options may include granting pay increases only to those teachers who are rated highly effective, or granting all pay increases but in a proportional amount (for example, everyone eligible for a pay increase would receive only 50% of the amount calculated under this policy).


Other exceptions may be granted by the SSD Superintendent, for the benefit of SSD.