Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies

Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013


Performance Evaluation System (Classified Employees)





This policy applies to classified LSS employees. Classified SSD employees will follow any applicable Department of Education policy.




SSD will comply with applicable Civil Service Rules on the Performance Evaluation System (PES) for classified employees.


The Performance Evaluation System is a tool used to measure individual performance and to develop employees into high-performing individuals.


Dates and Deadlines


The performance evaluation year is July 1-June 30.


Planning sessions must be conducted within 3 months of:


Evaluation sessions must be conducted after the performance year has ended (no earlier than July 1) and no later than August 31.


Evaluations become official on the date they are rendered, and official overall evaluations will be recorded with an effective date of July 1.


Evaluating Supervisors


Each employee will be evaluated by the employee’s immediate supervisor, unless another evaluator is designated by the School or Division Director.


Evaluating supervisors who fail to administer the PES in accordance with Civil Service Rules and this policy are not eligible for performance adjustments. This is a provision of state law, as well as Civil Service Rules, and therefore applies to both classified and unclassified evaluators. 


Second Level Evaluators


Second Level Evaluators must approve the performance plan and performance evaluation prepared by the Evaluating Supervisor before they are given to the employee.


The Second Level Evaluator will be the Evaluating Supervisor’s immediate supervisor, unless someone else is designated by the appointing authority.


Second Level Evaluators who fail to administer the PES in accordance with Civil Service Rules and this policy are not eligible for performance adjustments. This is a provision of state law, as well as Civil Service Rules, and therefore applies to both classified and unclassified evaluators. 


Performance Plan and Planning Session


The Evaluating Supervisor shall prepare a performance plan, approved by the Second Level Evaluator, at the beginning of the evaluation year.

The performance plan, on the approved performance planning and evaluation form, will list the work tasks and behavior standards on which the employee’s overall performance will be evaluated. Each supervisory employee must be evaluated on the administration of the performance evaluation system.

The Evaluating Supervisor will conduct a performance planning session with the employee, during which the Evaluating Supervisor will present the performance planning and evaluation form to the employee and discuss the performance work tasks and behavior standards on which the employee will be evaluated and the performance shat will be expected during the coming evaluation period.


The Evaluating Supervisor and employee will sign and date the form, and the employee will be given a copy of the form.


In addition to the mandatory planning sessions listed above, planning sessions may be held when an employee gets a new Evaluation Supervisor, performance expectations change, or the Evaluating Supervisor deems a performance planning session is appropriate.


Official Performance Evaluation and Evaluation Session


At the end of the performance evaluation period, the Evaluating Supervisor shall assign one of three values to the employee’s overall performance based on the work tasks and behavior standards established in the performance plan:


                Exceptional: Work and behavior consistently exceeded the performance criteria


                Successful: Work and behavior met the performance standards


                Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful: Work and/or behavior did not meet the performance criteria


Evaluations become official when the Evaluating Supervisor, no later than August 31:



If Employee is Not Available or Refuses to Sign


If an employee is not available, or refuses to sign a required form, whether for planning or evaluation purposes, the Evaluating Supervisor is to note the employee’s unavailability or refusal to sign on the form. If the employee is unavailable, the Evaluating Supervisor must coordinate with Human Resources to send the employee an otherwise complete copy of the form (missing only the employee’s signature) to the last address the employee provided to Human Resources, and documentation of the mailing is to be maintained with the form. When mailing is necessary, it must be done on or before the deadline for the planning or evaluation session.


When possible, the Evaluating Supervisor should also call the employee, on or before the day the form is placed in the mail, to review the contents of it.


Not Evaluated and Unrated Evaluations


Not Evaluated: This has the same effect as a Successful evaluation. An employee may be Not Evaluated only when:



Unrated: An Unrated evaluation occurs when an evaluation is not conducted in accordance with Civil Service Rules, or when the State Civil Service Director changes an evaluation pursuant to the review procedures detailed below. For the unrated employee, the effect is the same as a Successful evaluation. Evaluating Supervisors with employees who are Unrated based on a violation of Civil Service Rules are subject to disciplinary or other corrective action.


Effects of Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful Evaluation

An employee whose official overall evaluation is "Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful" shall not be:

  1. Eligible for a performance adjustment, a promotion or permanent status, or
  2. Detailed to a higher level position unless approved in advance by the Director of State Civil Service.

Permanent employees shall have a right to request a review.

Effect of the Absence of an Official Evaluation

A permanent employee who is "Unrated" shall have a right to request a review.

Record Keeping and Reporting

Each completed performance evaluation form shall be kept in the agency Human Resource Office, and shall not be considered a public record. Completed forms must be available upon request to the Department of Civil Service for auditing purposes, to other agencies of the State of Louisiana for purposes of checking employment references, and to the employee.

If an employee requests a review, the performance evaluation form, the employee’s request for review, the reviewer(s)’ decision, and the supporting documentation attached to the performance evaluation, as well as any documents requested from the employee or supervisor during the review, shall be maintained in the employee’s official personnel file or other secured performance file maintained in Human Resources.

SSD will report information about evaluations to State Civil Service, as required by the Director or the Commission.

Requests for Review


In accordance with Civil Service Rule 10.14, the agency's grievance process shall not be used to review or reconsider evaluations or a procedural violation of the Civil Service Rules governing the Performance Evaluation System.


Agency Review


A permanent employee with an evaluation of Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful or Unrated may request a review of the evaluation by submitting a written request to Human Resources. The request must be postmarked or received in Human Resources no later than September 15 following the evaluation year. The employee must explain and provide supporting documentation for the request for review.


If the request for review is timely, the appointing authority will designate a reviewer or review panel. The Evaluating Supervisor and the Second Level Evaluator will not participate in any review of an evaluation they were responsible for. The reviewer(s) will review the employee’s request, the evaluation, and any supporting documentation provided. The reviewer(s) must discuss the contested evaluation with the employee and the Evaluating Supervisor. The reviewer(s) shall give the employee, the Evaluating Supervisor, and the Human Resources Office written notice of the results of the review, no later than October 15. If the reviewer(s) change the official overall evaluation, the change will be retroactive to July 1.


Request for Review by the Director of Civil Service

A permanent employee who receives an overall evaluation of “Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful” after an Agency Review may request to have his performance file reviewed by the State Civil Service Director or the Director’s designee.

A Request for Review by the Director of Civil Service must be postmarked or received by the Director no later than 10 calendar days following the date the employee received the Agency Review decision. In the request, the employee must explain why he is contesting the decision of the Agency Reviewer(s).

If the request for review is timely, the Director or designee shall obtain and review the employee’s performance file. The Director may either affirm the overall evaluation or change the overall evaluation to “Unrated”. The Director’s decision shall be final. The Director shall provide a written decision to the employee, the Evaluating Supervisor, and the Human Resources Officer no later than thirty (30) calendar days following the date the request for review was received.