Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies
Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013

Political Activity



This policy applies to all classified LSS employees.

Legal Basis

Article 10, Section 9 of the Louisiana Constitution, and Civil Service Rule 14.1(d)-(g) govern the political activities of classified State employees. The United States Supreme Court has recognized that a state has the right to limit the political activity of its workers to ensure the enforcement and application of laws for the common good and not for the good of one candidate or political party. The Supreme Court has also recognized the right of a state to restrict such activity in order to avoid the appearance of such support. This means that classified State employees must avoid the ACTUAL support of a candidate, party, or faction and avoid the APPEARANCE of giving such support.


State classified employees may not engage in political activity. When a violation of political activity restrictions occurs, the Department of State Civil Service will take corrective action. Corrective action may range from issuing a letter of admonishment to bringing the violator before the State Civil Service Commission for investigation and public hearing. Violations of political activity restrictions should be reported to:

Department of State Civil Service
Accountability Division
P.O. Box 93111
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9111

The complainant should provide as many details as he or she knows, including names, dates, places, witnesses, how to contact witnesses, and other relevant facts.

SSD requests that a copy of the report also be sent to the school’s Human Resources Office (or the Department of Education’s Human Resources Office, for SSP employees), so that we may take appropriate action.

For more information about Political restrictions/limitations, refer to General Circular 2012-024, available in the Human Resources Office or on the Department of State Civil Service’s website at http://www.civilservice.louisiana.gov/Publications/GeneralCirculars.aspx.

Employees may also ask questions about the restrictions on political activities to the Department of State Civil Service or the Human Resources Office.