Louisiana Department of Education                                              Employee Policies
Special School District (SSD)                                                           Effective Date: 8/12/2013

Professional Development


This policy applies to all SSD employees.


SSD will offer continuing education to employees, so that employees can better serve our students. Specific training may be required by the Office of Risk Management (ORM), Title XIX, the State Civil Service Commission, state law, or by SSD. Employees will be able to take required training during regular work hours, to the extent feasible.

When an employee is scheduled for training, the employee is expected to attend. An employee who does not attend scheduled training may be placed on leave without pay, unless for an emergency beyond the employee’s control. When an employee is unable to attend scheduled training, the employee is expected to cancel at least 5 working days in advance, to allow someone else to attend. 

Employees may ask to take training that is not required, but may be beneficial to the employee in the current job, or to enhance promotional opportunities. Training will only be funded or compensated when determined to be in the best interest of SSD.

Employees must clear training attendance, even required training, with the supervisor, far enough in advance to allow the supervisor to arrange for the work coverage, if necessary. If required training is only scheduled when an employee is scheduled to be off, the supervisor may approve overtime or may change the employee’s normal work hours, in the interest of providing services to students.  

Employees are expected to sign in and/or complete attendance forms at training, and may not receive credit for attending if they fail to do so. Employees who are more than five minutes late for required training may not be allowed to attend, and may be required to attend the training at another time.

Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP)

CPTP is available to state employees, through the Department of State Civil Service. CPTP courses are available to both classified and unclassified employees, although some courses have certain requirements (e.g., only supervisors). Employees should contact the school’s Human Resources (the Department of Education’s Human Resources Office for SSP employees) to ask questions or to schedule CPTP courses.

CPTP—Approval and Registration

Supervisory approval is required to register for CPTP classes. Registration may be online, through Louisiana Employees Online (LEO), or through Human Resources, if LEO scheduling is not available.