Louisiana Department of Education Employee Policies
Special School District (SSD) Revised Date: 9/21/2016
Student Visitation and Transportation

This policy applies to all SSD employees.

1. SSD students are not allowed to be in an employee’s home or vehicle, and SSD employees are
not allowed to be in a student’s home or vehicle, unless the student’s parent/guardian is
present, even if the student has reached the age of majority, is emancipated, or is otherwise
living without a parent/guardian, except as specifically set forth in this policy or specifically
approved by the SSD Superintendent.
2. SSD employees may not transport SSD students in their personal vehicles, even if a
parent/guardian is present.
3. SSD employees may not transport SSD students to or from school for a second job. There will be
no exceptions to this.
4. LSDVI employees may transport students home before or after extra‐curricular activities, with
written permission from both the School Director and the parent.
5. The LSEC Director may approve student visitation and transportation, in accordance with Title
XIX guidelines.
6. SSD employees may set up carpooling, ride‐sharing, or other similar arrangements, which would
involve employees transporting other employees’ children to or from school. These
arrangements must be approved by the SSD Superintendent.

An employee who has another job that requires the employee to transport a student, be in a student’s
home, or have a student in the employee’s home, must clear the employment through the Secondary
Employment policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary or other corrective action, or termination.